Level: Beginner/Novice, no drawing experience is necessary

Access to the course: unlimited forever, you can watch this workshop as many times as you want from anywhere in the world.

Course Duration: 4hr 20 min.

If you have never drawn before, or need more guidance with drawing, this course is definitely for you! I designed this course specifically for those who don’t have any background in drawing and those who want to improve their skills. In-depth, detailed instruction, that is a staple of Learn Fine Arts school, lets you learn the theory and practice all at the same time.

There are multiple ways of expressions in drawing and this course teaches you how to use some of them.

  • Start with the concept of Line and basic Solids and transition into understanding how the rules of Perspective can aid you in a depiction of a Still Life and everyday objects.
  • Further advance your skills by experimenting with the types of shading and learning about the light, shadows, and tonal values.
  • By the end of the course work independently on your own drawings using the information learned in this course.

In this course you will:

  • Learn about the quality of Line and mark-making and why it is important for creating a successful drawing.
  • Practice drawing basic Shapes, including free-handing Circles and Ellipses, and render 3D Solids and how to apply this knowledge to structure more complex objects.
  • Discover foundations of Linear Perspective, and how to find a Horizon Line and locate Vanishing Points.
  • Find out that you can see more or less into a drinking cup depending on its height and why does it happen.
  • Use the knowledge of Perspective to construct a Still Life from Observation.
  • Learn about basic principles of Composition.
  • Watch a demo on 5 different types of shading.
  • Practice 2 types of shading while learning how to draw Lemon and Lime still life.
  • Find out about a Value Scale and how to use it to shade the objects.
  • Watch a demo about Direct and Reflected light and how light influences the shading.
  • Learn about Object Shadows and Cast Shadows and the difference in shading them.
  • Work in a final project of Peppers and strengthen your drawing skills.

I will also teach you:

  • How to hold your pencil correctly.
  • How to measure proportions of objects.
  • All about graphite pencils, including how to sharpen one.
  • Give you tips along the way while you watch the demos.

2 Payment Plan Options:

  • Pay up with one payment of $175
  • Pay up with 2 monthly payments of $87.50 each

Course Certificate:

Get a Course Certificate after completing this course.

Learn About Measuring and Proportions

A demo on how to correctly measure objects at the distance to create accurate drawings with correct proportions.

Practice Line Drawing: Drawing of a Leaf

After completing basic practices of Line and its application make a final drawing of a leaf.

Draw a Box in Perspective and "Move" it on Your Page

Practice perspective drawing and finding a horizon line and a vanishing point by drawing a box. Understand how to make the box appear near and far by "moving" it along vanishing lines.

Learn How to Start a Still Life by Drawing Large Planes

Start your drawing by putting down the largest objects, including planes in perspective.

Draw a Still Life from Observation

Watch the construction of the still life from underlying structure to a finished line drawing.

Learn How to Shade Objects, Local Value

Hone your technical skills by learning how to use 2 types of shading while learning about Value, Shadows, Lights, and Local Value.

Practice Cross Hatching Technique

This technique is about overlapping multiple drawing marks to produce Tone. Cross hatching allows for an airier drawing with no smudging or smearing.

Complete Final Drawing with Peppers

This is a more complex form to draw that requires a directional shading and accurate depiction of lights, shadows, and highlights.

Learn How to Sharpen a Pencil

There are many ways of sharpening a pencil. I will demo how to do it manually to expose more pencil lead.

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Course Curriculum

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  Exploration of a Line
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  Exploration of Shapes
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  Object Form
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  Foundations of Perspective
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  Still Life Drawing
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  Tone and Value
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  Lemon and Lime Drawing
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  Peppers Drawing
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Limited Time Bonus:

This workshop comes with the complementary 30 min. consultation with me where we get to discuss your Drawing projects. Offer is good within 3 months of purchase. Consultation is via Zoom.