Level: Novice/Beginner

Access: unlimited forever, you can watch this workshops as many times as you want from anywhere in the world.

New to mosaics? This course teaches everything you need to know in order to start and finish your mosaic using the most straight-forward mosaic laying technique - the direct method. No previous experience is necessary. Watch the process of a mosaic construction right in front of you with detailed comments and closeups. It's like sitting in-front of the instructor and watching every single step clearly visible. And you can re-watch the workshop as many times as you like! Once purchased, this workshop is yours to keep.

You will learn the following:

  • how to choose an stylize a design for your mosaic
  • brands of glass and what glass to select for your piece
  • about tools and how to use them
  • different types of layouts, what is andamento, and other terminology
  • how to cut and nip your glass
  • about the adhesives and substrates
  • how to complete and grout your piece
  • supply list and sources are listed in a downloadable pdf file
  • design is provided in a downloadable file or you can choose your own

After taking this workshop you can start creating your mosaics independently and with confidence! You will also be ready to move on to more complex techniques and designs.

Bonus: this workshop comes with a complimentary 30 minute Zoom or a Phone studio time consultation with Yulia Hanansen where you can show your work and ask questions. This offer valid within 3 months of purchase of the workshop.

In-person price for this workshop is $385, plus materials. Take advantage of a fabulous online price, start learning now right at your studio space, and e-mail Yulia for a consultation.

"lemons" mosaic

Create this "Lemons" mosaic right at your studio or choose your own design.

All the steps are clearly discussed in separate, easy to follow sections of this course. You can also download a materials list with the resources of where to get your supplies.

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lemons mosaic layout
video still: drawing out the layout

learn how to draw out an andamento and apply a layout to it.

cutting glass
video still: learning how to cut glass demo

This demo shows how to properly and safely cut stained glass by using a glass cutter, pliers, ruler, and a cutting board.

video still: working on the layout, a demo on tile shape and positioning.

All the details about how to lay out the tiles according to an object form and shape are discussed during the layout sessions of this workshop.