Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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If you have never studied abstract art and want to understand the principles of abstraction and make an abstract mosaic, this workshop is most definitely for you!

This hands-on "Abstract Mosaics" workshop is a detailed study of abstract art elements, including point, line, shape, color, and more, and how they apply to the mosaic art. You will work on a series of exercises both on paper and in mosaics by completing assignments presented in sections of this workshop. Yulia will give you pointers of how the abstract image is derived and how to adopt an idea for a mosaic. Second part of the workshop is in-depth project study that Yulia demos from start to finish, this includes design, material prep, and layout steps. By the end of this course you will gain a full understanding on how to make abstract mosaics and will be able to create your own unique pieces.

You will:

  • learn how to understand 7 basic elements of Abstraction which will be applied to a Final project you will make in this class.
  • learn about Point and how to expand it (philosophically and physically) into geometric shapes.
  • learn the transition between the Point and a Line and what the two have in-common.
  • discuss the Shapes and how they interact with Point and Line.
  • use Color and Tone to create emphasis in your abstract composition.
  • use Scale, Pattern, and Texture and how they can be applied to a mosaic abstraction.
  • enjoy mini-projects designed exclusively for this workshop and that will help you cement your knowledge of Abstract Mosaics.
  • how to design an abstract composition for mosaic.
  • lots of theory and lots of practice!

Before You Get Started: basic knowledge of using mosaic tools and materials is necessary for you to complete this workshop. I would recommend that you take my "How to Cut Materials for Mosaics Using Hand Tools" workshop available here at LFA or any other beginner workshop. This workshop is offered at a discounted rate with the purchase of "Abstract Mosaics" course (see checkout page).

Bonus: this workshop comes with a complementary 30 min. studio time with Yulia Hanansen via Zoom or phone where students get to discuss their progress and ask technical questions. This offer is valid within 3 months from the purchase of the workshop.

In-person price for this workshop is $385, plus materials. Take advantage of a fabulous online price and start learning now!

Client Testimonial: "Yulia’s Abstract Mosaic workshop was incredibly helpful for me as a mosaic artist in transition. The lessons were concise, carefully explained and accompanied by well thought-out practice exercises. Yulia breaks down abstract mosaics to essential elements then she demonstrates the process of creating from sketch to completion. It clarified my understanding of abstract design and gave me confidence to create more meaningful mosaic art. It was my personal Master Class, and I plan to revisit regularly for inspiration!" -Mary Ann Everett

Line exploration exercise.

Line exploration exercise

A series of practical exercises have been designed for you to explore the elements of abstraction prior to starting your main project.

Watch Yulia make this piece from design to finish

Watch Yulia make this piece from design to finish

You will get to see all the stages of making this abstract mosaic from a sketch/design phase, to choosing materials and colors, to completing the entire artwork.

Finished mosaic

Finished mosaic

After mosaic is finished we will analyze it and talk about what elements of abstraction are present in it and how they help to deliver a concept behind this artwork.