Level: Novice/ Beginner/Intermediate

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In this workshop I am sharing my skills on how to prepare a variety of tesserae for mosaic making and do it by using hand held tools. This Level 101 course will open many possibilities for you and your art!

If you are like me and love incorporating different materials into your artwork, you will enjoy this workshop as it is a wonderful compilation of demos that show you how to cut almost anything. This course features close to 3 hours of footage that can be viewed in sections at your own time.

The following is included in this course:

  • discussion of tools, tool adjustment, maintenance, tips and tricks and proper holding of tools
  • using wheeled nippers, tile nippers, glass cutter & pliers, tile breaker, and Starrett nippers
  • cutting pre-made glass tiles: vitreous glass, Cicis, thick and thin glass tiles, backed glass
  • cutting small stained glass tiles, tile shaping and precision cutting
  • stained glass cutting straight lines and curves
  • building a board and a cutting system for precision cuts
  • brush-stroke cuts, shapes, tips & tricks
  • cutting large stained glass sheet
  • iridized, mirror, dichroic, and textured glass
  • smalti and gold
  • high-fire and low-fire ceramic tiles and how to tell the difference
  • suggestions on how to use the tesserae
  • plate cutting with precision
  • deconstructing a cup
  • how deep to put the tool in to get a successful cut
  • and more!

Not included in this course:

  • Wet saw, band saw cutting
  • circle cutting (unfortunately, one needs an expensive equipment to do it well and the goal of this workshop is to use the hand tools)
  • stone cutting - stone is better cut on a hardie with a hammer
  • very large tiles that need a saw to be cut
  • laying out the tesserae, andamento, or mosaic samples

This workshop is about the techniques and a process of cutting. A downloadable PDF file is provided with the list of resources for tools and materials.

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Stained Glass Brands

Learn about stained glass brands and types and what is the best glass to use for cutting into mosaic tiles.

Posture is Important

What seat height is ideal for cutting mosaic tiles and working on your mosaics in general?

Brush Stroke Cuts

This course offers in-depth explanation of these cuts and how to achieve certain shapes, how to hold your tool, etc.

Cut, not Smash!

Learn how to cut up a plate in a controlled way.

Different Glass Tiles & Smalti

Learn how to cut a variety of glass, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. Cut smalti and gold smalti.

Deconstruct a Cup!

Learn how to take apart a cup and preserve the useful design parts.


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  Tools & Posture
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  How to cut pre-formed glass tiles, vitreous glass, small stained glass tiles, glass with backing, and more
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  Cutting Stained Glass
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  Cutting Ceramic Tile
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  Cutting Plates & Cups
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